A Day Well-spent

In today’s busy world we really miss being ourselves. Many times I imagine a day for myself, without worrying of time and traveling. Just sitting in peaceful place with good friends and chit-chatting.

Today, was one such day spent exactly as I always imagined. Sunday, as it is coined as a fun day, I was being a little lazy. I woke late. And I received a text from an old friend(Sumedh). Suddenly a movie plan(Black Panther in IMAX 3D) got fixed. We tried to get other friends too, but everyone was a little busy for this short notice meet-up. Luckily, the movie time was also scheduled little late in the afternoon. I had enough time to lazily move for the schedule.

Since we were meeting after a long time, so the plan was to spend the entire day together. As planned he came to pick me up. Then we headed to mall. We had very good asian food for lunch with cold coffee(my favorite). By the time we could finish the lunch and coffee, it was show time and we rushed to movie hall. There was a lot of excitement of not missing a single scene. We had got the 3rd row from the screen, but it was worth it. An amazing movie and a wonderful experience.

After movie we tried connecting to others again, but they were still busy. We then went to Starbucks to kill some time till dinner. This turned out to be the best time, exactly how I used to imagine always. No worries just talking on random topics, sipping coffee. Initially we started discussion on day to day life at work as well as at home. But then as the time passed we talked on various topics ranging from traveling abroad to jungle safaris. Lot of things that interests both of us. And then we started discussing new ideas that we had. Shared opinions over those ideas. It was like a perfect discussion.

Now it was dinner time and we were a little confused over what to eat. Finally we decide to have Indian food and went to one of the place best know for its food quality. After dinner, now it was time to go back home.

Looking forward for many such meetings….

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